Problems in General Physics by I. E. Irodov


The book is intended for college undergraduates majoring in Physics. It contains about 2000 problem covering the major areas of Physical science: mechanics, thermodynamics, molecular physics, electrodynamics, oscillations and waves, optics, atomic and nuclear physics. Each section is preceded by a short summary of appropriate formulas whose total number exceeds 300. The answers to all of the problems are given at the end of volume. Most difficult problems are provided with explanations. Moreover, the author presents some general hints helping the undergraduate to tackle physical problems. Problems in General Physics is an excellent book which may serve as a valuable supplement to any college course on the subject.

Igor Evgenyevich Irodov, Candidate of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor of General Physics, has published a number of scientific papers and books, among which are several manuals: Fundamental Laws of Mechanics, Problems in General Physics, A Laboratory Course in Optics. HisProblem Book on Atomic and Nuclear Physics appeared in six Russian editions, and was published in Great Britain, USA, Romania and twice in Poland.

A Problem Book on General Physics (with I. V. Savelyev and O. I. Zamsha as co-authors) was printed three times in Russian and published in Poland. Mir Publishers have translated it into French; its publication in Arabic and Vietnamese is expected.

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