[PDF] Psycology of success in IIT-JEE Anuj Khare

A lot of emphasis was put on different factors that contribute to success in IIT­ JEE,  the  most  prominent  being  determination  that  assembles the rest of them by itself. In these last pages  of  this  book,  I  want  to  emphasize  on  more  point and that is the ease of the IIT­JEE examination.  It  may  sound  contradictory  to  what  you read in the book, but the fact is that although the benefits of being an IITian are plentiful and IIT­ JEE does require significant hard work, I assure you that  the  exam  itself  is  a  very  easy  one  for  the  prepared mind.

Table of Contents

Prologue .
Why IIT?
Determination & Motivation .
Subliminal Conditioning
Mastering Your Time
State Management
Mentoring And Material Talk .
Usually Neglected, Important Factors .
Hot Tips For Success
Straight From The Horses’ Mouth
Book Appreciations